Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Finally Verified!

My med school application finally got verified this morning!! I will be walking around the rest of the day looking like this...

Monday, June 20, 2011


Just ordered this for my best friend for her birthday!! I absolutely love it. The best part is that it's actually anatomically correct. I almost died when I found that out and I was able to snatch up one of the last two that they had! It completely embodies my love for her, for anatomy, and for tasteful art :). I'm so so SO excited!!!



Hello, all! I've been contemplating starting a blog for a long time now but MCAT prep, school, work, and life in general have gotten in the way. Today I received my first secondary application from a school I'm very excited about and so my good mood led to me finally starting this blog.

A little about me: I'm infatuated by anything that concerns medicine. My ultimate goal is to attend medical school (as you may have already figured out with my reference to the MCAT) and I am currently in the middle of applying and studying for the MCAT. My second love is makeup and I've developed quite a liking for colors, textures, and tones. Interestingly, while I love makeup, I hate actually wearing it. I have come to discover that minimalism is the key to my happiness. Also, it does help that I'm a poor college student. High-end makeup and loads of different brands and colors are currently out of my reach...maybe one day if I finally become a doctor. So for now, I've settled into my drugstore routine and am cherishing my love for anatomy, science, medicine.

This blog will basically be a collection of my ramblings but please do follow if you're interested!